Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence and what we're getting wrong


We will not have a thousand robots chasing after us and killing us like locusts.


The world will not come to a sudden end.


We will not become cyborgs.

Many people have (extremely) misguided beliefs on the topic of AI. In this blog, we'll talk about the little I have learnt. Let's begin.

I will not bore you with the types of AI, and what benefits AI has to bring to us. You've heard that a billion times and i'm not here to give you the billion+1 explanation. You deserve more.

The Future

Artificial Intelligence, in my opinion, will have the same effect as when the internet was released to the public. The internet is essentialy a big bunch of information - videos, audios, text and pictures. You search for what you want, and you get what you want. Big companies spy on you and use the data to do many naughty things, including selling to advertisers who then send you ads that are "tailor made to suit your needs" You do what you want with the information you get - it's either you use it for good, or you use it for evil.

With AI, I see no difference. AI is essentially like a super human who has access to a wide variety of information, can learn in seconds and provide results in seconds. You search for what you want, and you get what you want. Big companies will find a way of spying on you and will use the data to do many naughty things, including selling to advertisers... you've read that already.

Because AI allows virtually anyone to access the super human powers (via platforms such as Open AI's Chat GPT site), I see there being significantly more good and significantly more evil people can do.

Here are my top tips to stay safe:

If it looks like a dog, barks like a dog, walks like a dog, then it's not a cow. It's a dog! Scams are going to be a lot more pronounced just because of how easy it is for people to come up with tricks to steal people of their hard earned money. Use common sense.

Always check urls of the websites you visit. Because of how notoriously easy it is to make legit looking e-mails, you need to be quite careful of all the stuff you click. Check not only the beginning of the link, but also the end of the link. If you see a link to a secure site (e.g. banking site) beginning with http then run for the hills. If you see a link with an @blah or ....@blah then run for the hills. Many sophisticated attacks are now present where legit looking links are used to deceive people. An @ sign in a link should make you very suspicious and you need to do research on whether you're at the right site or not.

Do not share sensitive information via those chatbots. There are going to be many platforms made to give free access to chatgpt and other Large Language Models - LLMs. Those platforms are going to steal your data. Some will steal the data to use for bad things. Without any data, they cannot do bad things. Don't give them sensitive information.

Do not save passwords on your computer. Find a solution that works for you. Some people use password managers. That didn't end well for me so I'd never wanna go that route again. Some ignore all advice and write them down. If you do so, at least keep that "paper" in a secure location where it is safe from theft, fire and water. Some use other methods that they would rather not disclose. Do what makes you happy. I believe that sophisticated attacks will come up where hackers will take advantage of vulnerabilities in the browser, and OS to steal stuff from you since they have a "super-human" to write naughty code for them.

Do not cheat. Using Chatgpt to cheat is much akin to using Google to cheat. Back in the days, Lecturers hated Google because students would cheat. In my opinion, they should be happy. Students now have the opportunity to research and learn at an accelerated pace. You as a student should use it to accelerate your learning process. Some information is incredibly hard to find. Through using LLMs like chat gpt, you may turn a day of hunting for information into 2 hours of readings complex material that AI will help you to understand.

Remember - AI is like a super human. It was also trained by data made by humans. It will get things wrong so always fact check what you get.

Learn! Discover how to use the LLM to your advantage. Remember, chatgpt is as good as the questions you ask it. Ask it rushed questions, and you will get poor quality answers. Just as it is in life, the better the question, the better the answer.


Do not fear Artificial Intelligence. Be happy. The future is here. There are so many things that were impossible just because of the sheer effort needed that can now be done in under an hour. Use this to make your life, and the world a better place.