About Me

Wassup! I'm Chiratidzo and I am a Zimbabwean 🇿🇼 who has his own website. A paid domain with hosting. Mama I’ve made it 😎. I love three things, technology, writing and coming up with really crazy ideas. As a result, I created this blog to inspire, entertain and inform. I run under the pseudonym "Maputiatota" because umm... to be honest there's no reason for this. It is a crazy name I thought of and decided to use. On this Maputiatota Blog I intend to share my crazy ideas, my epic life stories as well as the precious lessons that I learnt from them.

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Don’t want to read? Well head over to twitter @maputiatota and say hie. I promise I won’t bite :)  

P.S. I believe in Aliens.