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Welcome to my new and improved website. Just in case you didn’t know, I am a handsome prince from an African kingdom and I am here to share my wisdom with you.

Did you buy that? Probably not. I must come with a better background story next time. Anyways, here is a proper introduction. I call myself maputiatota and I am a regular guy who loves technology and writing. I have a very wild mind and decided to put my craziness to good use. I intend to share my crazy thoughts, experiences and ideas with you through this blog. “Does this mean that I will be posting nonsense only?” you may ask. Not exactly. I will use my crazy ideas to create good stories that come together with the precious lessons I got from them. This is to prevent you from going through what I went through. To those who want the nonsense, feel free to head over to my Random Ideas tab.

So let’s have a short story.

Why I started blogging

I was online, bored, searching for something to entertain me. The articles I found were either completely uninteresting or they were frustratingly short. You know, there are some authors who are really good at writing stuff, but their content is so short that you end up getting frustrated. It is like going to a restaurant, paying for a very expensive meal and then being served with a photo of the meal. That’s exactly how I felt after reading their blog posts. I eventually found a good blogger but the consistency of that blogger is just terrible so after reading one or two articles I was bored again. I then asked myself “Why can’t I find any good content online?”


As you probably know, when you are at school, you do not have time to think about blogging. If you do, then you are doing it wrong. I was doing a challenging engineering degree and I didn’t have time for blogging, watching TV or even playing with my dog (ok that’s because I don’t have a dog). Everything comes to an end and I finally left school. After spending a week sleeping like a lazy dog, I got bored. I went online and found myself asking that same question – Why can’t I find any good content online ? (YouTube was out of the question because I was very unemployed which meant that I didn't have any data to waste). I then decided to do the impossible, I would start my own blog.

So that’s why I started blogging. I did so to start creating content that people will actually find valuable. I started on a free wordpress site –, but after being scolded for using a very long and “unprofessional” domain name, I decided to create a proper site and here we are. And yes you heard me. I made this site on my own. No experts hired. I am very proud of that. Clever Maputi. Yes i'm blowing my own horn.


Now that you know my brief background, you may ask yourself, why name it Maputiatota’s Blog? Well that is because I believe that in life, for you to do anything worthwhile, it has to be fun. Throughout my academic life, I have given really weird names to my school projects and this made doing them fun. Imagine having someone ask you what you are up to and saying “I’m doing Project X” I decided to use X because the names I used are way too weird for any normal human being to understand. So, I could say I see life as a project – Project Maputiatota and I’m the main character in the project – the Mighty Maputi (that's the short form of Maputiatota). This is Maputiatota’s blog. Makes sense now?

So that’s it. Now you know who I am. If you are a loyal reader from my old blog, welcome back home. In my first 3 part blog series, I will share how it was like to leave home and what I learnt. You’ll definitely enjoy it!

P.S. I don’t take drugs.