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Extreme bitterness maputiatota Blog
Extreme bitterness maputiatota Blog

I’ve been gone for a long time  

This is the part where I give you a poorly constructed excuse and blame my dog my phone, a random stone in the street, or virtually anything. I’m a good boy and I’m not going to do that.  

Just like your pet animal that's disappeared for weeks, I’m back and that’s all that matters. (Now give me a hug 🙂). 

Maputiatota is Back!

Today we’re going to be talking about bitterness. 

So, I was having a very interesting chat with a very cheerful mate and we were discussing about how bitterness makes bad parents and teachers and managers. How does that happen? Keep reading to find out! 

Imagine this. You’re a kid.  

Not just any kid, but a poor kid that lives in the rural areas. (I know. It’s really hard for ama 2000 to visualize this, but just try for a moment).  

Like any kid, you want toys, friends and a helluva lot of yoghurt. Since you’re not so rich, you don’t have any of these. All the kids despise you, the only toys you know are sticks and stones. yoghurt definitely isn't on your priority list. Just having 3 meals a day would be a dream come true.  

The sad story doesn’t end here.  

You have an abusive father who makes life hell on earth. Going to school is tough. You usually get there tired, hungry and sweaty. Learning is tough as your parents don’t give you time to study at home. You always yearn for a better life and pray that you don’t live this way forever. 

Your prayers eventually get answered. Heaven smiles on you and by some luck, you get a scholarship to study at a good urban school.  

From here, things go super smoothly. You get to eat food you didn’t know existed and thank the heavens for the mighty blessing. 

You work hard, become a professional (doctor/engineer/teacher/nurse,etc) and work hard to please your bosses. You work – during weekends and holidays. Your hard work pays off and you become a manager/head of department/Sister In Charge.  

Now imagine that some kid who had a relatively smooth upbringing comes to your school. This kid is in your class. He has all the things you never had: a smart phone, many good looking friends and good clothes.  

I don’t know about you, but I would feel a bit jealous. I would obviously envy him.  

That’s where the bitterness begins. Doctors, teachers and parents who grew up in really challenging circumstances feel that it's unfair for the next generation to have their life go smoothly. To them it's like being handed over everything on a silver platter.  

That, ladies and gentlemen , is the reason why there is always that boss, teacher or parent who makes things tough for no good reason. They want you to suffer because they suffered. They have scars from the past that they never recovered from. The victim ends up becoming the victimizer. And the vicious cycle continues. 

Have you also noticed that there are some people who hate you for no good reason? 

They do anything in their power to tarnish your image. Well, the answer to why they do all this is that they have bitterness deep within them. They are so damaged that there is nothing good that ever comes from them. They are like a packet of fresh milk that has gone completely sour. 


Break the cycle. Make things better for the next generation. You weren’t brought to this world to make things super tough for everyone else. 

See you next week Tuesday!