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P.S. This is not ANOTHER I will make you rich post

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Motivation. This is food for the mind, which fuels ordinary people to
achieve feats deemed to be impossible. Without it, all that we do in our lives
will be nothing but mediocre. Today I’m going to tell you everything about the
topic of motivation in Zimbabwe

Before we get started, let’s learn a few phrases, and Shona words that we

Another touch, OR Go deeper – This is used when someone has preached a powerful
message, and the audience will be requesting them to repeat the section that
impacted them the most. These phrases are usually used in a church setting.

Wakanyanya  – You’re awesome!

Heavy chibaba - Means the person's message has had a powerful impact on the audience.

So where do we Zimbabweans
get our motivational messages from?

Africans in general are highly religious people. By this, I mean that the
odds of one finding an African that doesn’t believe in a higher power (God,
Yahweh, Jehovah, Abba, etc.) are extremely low. This therefore means that pastors
play a huge role in our lives. Pastors give sermons with messages crafted to
motivate the members of their congregation to:

  • live lives
    that mimic the life lived by their role model, Jesus;
  • work for
    themselves i.e. to practise entrepreneurship
  • live purpose
    driven lives

In such sermons, it is quite common to hear members of the audience
saying “Go deeper papa!...Another touch!” This is usually an indication that
the audience is quite engaged, and is paying full attention to the pastor’s

Social media platforms

A good example of a prominent figure who provides motivational messages
on social media is Strive Masiyiwa. On his Facebook page, Strive gives content,
specially crafted to motivate those who are into entrepreneurship to keep on
that long and difficult route to creating wealth.

There are also many WhatsApp groups with administrators who post
motivational messages every day. If one is interested in joining such groups,
he/she simply inboxes the administrator, is added to the group, and gets free
motivational material to their phone everyday.

To find good posts in such groups, simply search for the posts with the most “Wakanyanya” or "Heavy Chibaba" replies. It usually means the post was quite good.

Traditional media

Milton Kamwendo has short articles that are published every Sunday in “The
Herald’s” weekend newspaper “The Sunday Mail.” I have a friend who reads all
these articles and they have indeed motivated him to become a true gentleman.

Musicians also play a big impact on the lives of the citizens. It is
quite unfortunate that the most popular music here is Zimdancehall, and I am
strongly against it. Most songs in this genre are meaningless, rhythmless,
senseless and have absolutely no substance in them. I have noticed that it is
these songs sung by popular [Zimdancehall] musicians with unclean lyrics are a
leading motivation behind all the antisocial and derogatory behaviour that some
the youth are seen to exhibit.

Motivational Speakers

These could be the invited at a workshop, or people with shows on
television. The most popular motivational speakers that I am currently aware of

Nigel Chanakira, Sebastian Zuze, Tafadzwa Mukoyi (Coach Taf), Arthur Marara

Other sources

These include family, friends, and even strangers.

Where else can one go
to get good material on the topic of motivation?

Well here are my personal favourites : )

YouTube Channels: (here’s the general format: NAME OF CHANNEL – NAME OF HOST)

Mygrowthfund SA / Vusi ThembekwayoVusi Thembekwayo

This South African gentleman gives stellar presentations. His simple yet sharp dressing, the way he pronounces his words, the way he delivers his powerful speeches will motivate you to listen to his message and become a better entrepreneur. His information shatters the mental shackles put upon us by the society and makes one get an appreciation of real life in business from the perspective of someone who actually went through the steps needed to start a business and scale it up. I am surprised that his channel has so few views because the content that he uploads on it is nothing but GOLD. Visit either one of the channels above (or both) as soon as you finish this article.

AmyTVAmy Landino

This American Lady gives
highly organized presentations. She has a channel which she uploads material
mainly on the topic of utilizing your time in the best possible way. Her videos
motivated me to become highly organized and utilize all the 1440 seconds in my
day in the most efficient way.

ValuetainmentPatrick Bet David

This American gentleman gives material that I find to be relevant to all facets of life. I find his material to be quite useful for planning and re-evaluating events that transpired in my personal life.

The School of GreatnessLewis Howes

This American gentleman interviews celebrities, ordinary people, and asks questions that are designed to make you learn as much as you can. His interviews always leave me better than I was before listening to them.


Detail TherapyAmy Landino

This is a podcast that she
runs that is a gem for all those who would want to become more organized in
their lives. She interviews everyday people, and gets all the good nuggets from
them just for you Give it a try as soon as you finish the article.

Redefining Wealth PodcastPatrice Washington

This is an amazing podcast
that an African American Lady hosts. She breaks down the word wealth into six
pillars, and explains how each pillar is linked to the other, and how they all
lead to wealth. It is my current favourite.

And that is where today’s story ends. 

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