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maputiatota flying in the sky

I've always been fascinated with flying.

Eversince I was a kid, I would spend a great deal of time trying to visualize how it is to fly in the sky. When this lovely thing called YouTube came along, I came across this amazing thing called a paramotor. Have a look at Tucker Gott's Videos. They are just awesome.

So, this magical device is basically an engine you strap to your back. You select a mighty good location to fly, put on a parachute and start your engine. After gaining flight, you gain spectacular views. You get to see the ground as if you're in a plane and at the same time, you get to see the sky as if you're on the ground. Amazing.

I've always dreamt of buying one of those paramotors + a good parachute. Why didn't I? Because those things are bloody expensive and the training you need to get to be able to fly that thing without killing yourself is equally as expensive. So, I had to throw that idea to the bin. No more flying for me : (

Is that the end?


You see, by some stroke of luck, I came across an advert of a Kariba based company that offers Parasailing. You need zero training for it - the guides do everything. All you have to do is hold on and not start experimenting with stuff when you're in the sky. And here's the best part. If anything goes wrong you fall into the water and get rescued. 

I definitely had to give this a try! So, I saved up (Parasailing isn't too expensive, but it isn't cheap either) and gave it a go. 

The experience was fantastic. I got to see the world as never before. The whole process felt like an amazing adventure. I would highly recommend that you give it a try.

Head over to this link to get more info.

And I know you have questions.

1. What If I Fall into the Water?

Everything floats so you'll be fine. The team will be very quick to respond and take relevant actions. In addition, you will have a fantastic swim! Apart from that, nothing should happen, unless if you panic. Nothing good ever happens if you panic.

2. Aren't there Crocodiles?

Yes. In the shallow water. In the deep water, crocs don't swim. Well, that's what the theory says.

Anyways, you don't need to worry about this. You're launched from a nice platform and you land on the platform.

3. What If I Can't Swim?

You'll be wearing a life-jacket so no worries.

4. How long Do I Stay In The Air?

For quite a while. I didn't have a watch so I didn't time myself.

5. Anything else?

Wear shorts and slippers or sandals. Also make sure you've put on some sunscreen.

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