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I made 22 cents : ) maputi atota blog

I am a centillionaire! A centillionaire is someone who has several cents. Since I have several cents, I can proudly say that I am one. So why am I proud of making a few pennies? Well, it’s because I made these pennies online. To understand how I made these cents, let’s have a short background story.


I am someone who believes that life is a never-ending journey of learning. Some people think that the day they graduate from high school, college  or university that they will never have to read books ever again. I don’t agree with that philosophy. Anyways, I found an exciting opportunity to learn how to make money online.

Money Making Revenue Streams

In this mystical program, we were taught the various ways of making money online. We learnt that there is remote working in which you exchange your skills in exchange for cash, freelancing in which you sell your services to strangers on the internet and this thing called adsense. For those who don’t know, adsense is Google’s advertising platform.

Through adsense you display ads on your site / YouTube channel and get a bit of money each time a person clicks the links (so please click the links on this site as much as you can!). I was interested in all the avenues mentioned above, but that’s a discussion for another day. Today we’re focusing on adsense.

You Need a Website!

I quickly discovered that to apply for Google Adsense, you need to either have a YouTube channel or a proper website. Back then I had a free wordpress website so that wouldn’t work. Due to many factors, positive and negative, I ended up making a website. Why didn’t I create a YouTube channel? Because I hate video editing + audio editing and I really love typing. So, I made my website and applied for adsense.


That was my first response. Rejection never feels good no matter how used you are to it. I tried to read their reasons for rejecting my application, but it appeared to have been written by a team of super geeks. Instead, I decided to google for possible reasons and discovered that to apply for adsense on your site, you need the following:

  • A disclaimer
  • A contact-us page
  • A reservoir of content
  • The adsense code put on your site, the right way
  • A teeny weeny bit of good luck

I started to sort out everything. After a few days or so, I made my application and ran away! Ok, I didn’t run away. I just immediately closed the google adsense page + ignored my emails fearing that I’d get another rejection email.


A notification had come to my phone. “Should I open it?” I asked myself.

“Hell NO!” I responded. Then I got into a 20 minute debate with myself about whether or not I should open the message. At the end of the intense discussion, we ( I, me, me, and I… you see, I kinda talk to myself and there are a lot of us…ok this is weird - just keep reading) decided that the best course of action would be to open the message. I lifted my phone, unlocked the touchscreen and…

I saw that it was a message from ECONET (a local telecommunications company).

The only thing worse than rejection is getting absolutely no response at all. Google ghosted me for 1 week and finally told me that my application was successful.

"Yippeee! I’m going to be a millionaire and buy myself 50,000 dollar headphones!” I told myself. I quickly realized that this wasn’t going to be the case for quite a while.

You see, how google adsense works is that when someone clicks the advert on your site, you make a bit of money. If nobody clicks your ads, then no money is made. In addition, the factors that determine how much money you make are: your location, the amount of traffic you have and how good you are at using juju.

After many moons of blogging, I have managed to make 22 cents and I’m so proud of myself. You see, the process of trying to make a bit of money teaches you a lot. In my previous blog, I mentioned how I applied for several hackathons and how they taught me to use google forms + create a personal website.

During my process of trying to make money through adsense, I learnt about how to embed adsense code on your website, how to create content that actually makes people want to read your website, the strict guidelines you need to meet and how to get the guts to apply after getting an “I don’t feel the same way…” type of email. In addition, I learnt why a lot of people are willing to make absolute fools of themselves on YouTube and why their videos have so many ads.


Yep. It’s time for me to go. Do you think it’s easy to make more than 22cents? Here’s a challenge for you. Create a website and setup adsense on it. When you get more than 22 cents come and teach me. I also want to make more money : ).

See you next week Wednesday!

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