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To Hell With the devil!

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I've always loved rock. There was always something about this form of music that made me wish to listen to it for really long periods of time. Today I’m going to tell you about a Christian rock band, called Stryper.

I know, that’s a lot to digest. Yes, there are Christian rock bands. Many of them actually. And the name Stryper actually kinda comes from the Bible – believe it or not. So I’ve been listening to their song “To Hell With the Devil” and I’m starting to understand why this band was so popular (not so sure about how popular it is nowadays). The sounds from the guitars are just awesome, the vocals are amazing and the lyrics, very much unlike the songs of today, actually have meaning.

Have a listen to their song using the link below:

Also check out the song “God Damn Evil”

That’s it. This isn’t a long form blogpost. It’s just me sharing a few great songs I came across.

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