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Truer than True

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So, I was a poet

I didn't die or anything. I'm not much of a poet anymore because time to do that is quite scarce. You see, I take poetry quite seriously and writing a good poem would usually take me ages - a good hour or two at the very least.

As someone who is totally awesome (yes I am that awesome person in your life😎) , I decided to share a lesson I learnt about life with you in the form of a short poem (that took me a billion years to write). I do hope you will enjoy it. 


Truer than true

is that you can only be your than you

In this moment

The past is an illusion

The future, an even greater delusion

We only have this moment

Let us enjoy

And treat our friends, Bhorongi, Bharangizha and Troy

With the utmost respect, care and support

For it is each of these tiny moments

That result in a lifetime of friends or opponents

As the future is all about the compounding of these tiny moments, decisions and actions.

Live in the present moment


Psst! Yes, I’m talking to YOU!

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