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Good morning brethren. In my last leadership position, I would address the people who I was responsible for communicating with using that statement. However, someone noted that I would use the wrong spelling instead of spelling it as brethren. I would spell it as breathren...ridiculous, I know. So anyways, today we’re going to talk about the fact that people actually read. 

One thing that I came to realize in life is that you always inspire someone. You always have. And you always will (yes, YOU!). 

There is a community of people that are just waiting to read the content that you have in your mind. This content could be expressed in art as some people have drawing talents, it could be expressed in writing, like over here I'm expressing myself in writing or this content could be expressed through drama. Maybe you’re an actor and you love acting. 

My point is that there’s a group of people that actually read.  In the case of a drama artist, and that are actually willing and waiting to see your next creation live on stage or on camera. 

In one of my blog posts, I got a lot of feedback. I don’t really remember which one it was. But I remember that I got overwhelming feedback. 

I had one guy who is a fellow WordPress Blogger who told me about his wonderful idea. I wish I could share it with you, but you would steal his idea. His idea is in a nutshell, about exploiting an opportunity which is.... in the music industry, yeah, let’s put it that way 

This person said that they were quite inspired by the blogposts that I had put out. 

I frequently check Google Analytics just to see if there’s anyone who’s reading and I realised that there are lot of people with iPhones love my blog so hello there, you 12 iPhone users! Yes I love you rich people. Feel free to donate money to me, or buy my book : )

I never thought that I would get a day in which I would get so much feedback from people. You know, there’s a very big difference between looking at a figure on a screen and actually hearing from someone, a real human being. 

So, still in a state of shock, feeling quite overwhelmed by the response that I was given, I listened to the WordPress blogger comment about how much he really loved the blog post, how it inspired him, and how he would eventually want to revive his personal blog. I must tell you this guy is pretty talented, but as you know, the rat race makes it very hard for you to realise your own dreams. This was one of his side projects and from the looks of it, it wasn’t giving him any side income, so he obviously had to abandon it. 

I had another person from my community who told me that they read all of my blog posts. That person told me this, in this group that we’re both in (A random group of people trying to sell stuff), they read each and every block post that I post there.. I was shocked.  

In my mind, I just had this concept that posting my links in as many groups as possible, would result in one bored person who come across the link and actually read what has been posted. I didn’t realise that there’s actually someone who’s there waiting for my blog post to come out. To you, I say thank you, because if you didn’t tell me that I would have stopped posting in that group.  

In my previous blog post, I mentioned how there’s always that one invisible person. If it’s a business, there’s always that one customer that will never leave you. If you are a Blogger, there’s always that one person who always goes back to your blog, even if you haven’t posted in three months, six months, nine months, or even a year, there is that one person who loves your content so much that they keep on checking. 

In addition, I got to meet a lot of Twitter people. Okay, not a lot. Now I’m lying. I got to meet a few Twitter people who actually love the blogposts that I churn out and I guess that’s why they follow me. It’s amazing.  

So if you have an idea. If you have a drama. If you have a work of art. Publish itThere’s someone waiting for it! 

Thank you so much for reading. I will see you next week Wednesday. 

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