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Goal setting
Goal setting - How to Do It Right using Systems

Tired of having new year's resolutions that fall apart after just 3 weeks?

Frustrated of having to change your goals every 2 months?

Want to get your ex back using my super effective Kilimanjaro Juju?

Well I have good news for you! I can help you out with the first two problems. As for the third, grow up!

That stuff doesn't work - (for the guys who buy the ridiculous products, but not for the guys who pretend to solve such problems . They make a killing!)

I'm going to share a story on how to deal with goals and resolutions - the right way.

The Guy Who Wanted to Change

Once upon a time, there was a guy.... Okay that's a lame introduction. Let's start again.

In a dark and woody forest lived a handsome gentleman. He had a well trimmed beard, well built calves and a voice so calm that even a wild elephant would be brought to a halt after listening for a minute.

This young man had a problem. Like most teens, he used a mystical application called Instagram and followed a few motivational pages. Well that's not the problem - we're getting to that soon.

The motivational pages would bring up all sorts of quotes that would make him feel like he could conquer the world, but when it came to solving his problem, the advice would never work.

All the advice he sought felt like a scam - it looked good, sounded good but never worked. And that meant his problem, setting goals that never came to life, never disappeared.

For no reason at all, i've inserted a picture of a stone. Doesn't it look pretty?

This is a random picture of a rock.

Back to our story

One day, the young man spots something unusual. You see, this young gentleman lives in a really remote part of the woods and seeing other humans is something that is very rare.

Nobody ventures that deep, let alone a female. He sees the dark image become clearer and clearer. It really is a lady. 

The lady introduces herself as Woke_Cinderella. She claims to have been sent by the sky spirits to give the young man guidance. She opens her leather bag and brings out a tablet with one sentence inscribed upon it "Create Systems not Goals!" 

The young man, confused, asks what that statement means. She starts to explain the difference between goals and systems. Here's what she says.

"Goals tell you what you want the end result to be. Goals include things like the steps that you are going to take to achieve that end result." The young man then interrupts "So why don't they work for me?"

Woke_Cinderella smiles, pauses then says "Because there is nothing to guarantee that you will be able to take those steps you want to take. Having goals is like getting all the right ingredients and skills to cook the perfect chicken dish.

Having systems is making sure that you have electricity (or gas), ensuring pots are available and clean, and making sure that the cooking and mixing bowls are present."

She then adds "Systems make sure that you can achieve your goals. Goals without systems that support them are doomed to fail."

She then returns the tablet into her leather bag. A strong gust of wind comes from nowhere. The young man covers his face to shield him from the leaves and twigs coming for his face.

As suddenly as it started, the gust comes to a standstill. The lady is nowhere in sight.

Walking back to his wooden cabin, the young man mutters the life changing lesson he got from the lady - Create systems to support your goals.


Wasn't that a good story? 


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