How To Take Over The World

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How to take over the world

That is a super cheesy title. But then again, I had to get your attention. 

Today, we are going to be talking about what I learnt from this awesome podcast i'm listening to.

What is a Podcast?

Think of a radio show. If you are too young to understand what a radio show is then it's okay. It's not the end of the world. So anyways, a podcast is like your favourite radio show that you can play at any time you want.

You don't need to tune into the radio at odd times just to hear your favourite presenters.

Now that you know what a podcast is, let's go on.

Ben Wilson

This guy has an awesome podcast named How To Take Over The World. It is a podcast that helps you to... you guessed it - TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

He analyses popular people from the past and explains how they achieved greatness. The lessons that I really loved are the following:

Genius is prolonged patience

This is a spin on the popular statement "Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration." This lesson was discussed in his podcast about Edison Watt - the guy that you're sick of hearing, who invented the light bulb. Well, did you know that he has like another million inventions?

In his podcast, he explains how Edison, an ordinary guy who was home schooled and didn't attend any fancy universities managed to achieve extraordinary success. He explains the trials and tribulations that the young gentleman faced, and the massive success that he got as a result. You definitely need to check out that podcast episode.


Hocus, Pocus, Locus, Focus. These words sound all the same - meaningless. Let's be honest - we've heard this word a billion times and it doesn't mean anything to us anymore. But it did mean a great deal to the iconic Steve Jobs.

This man had the crazy ability to dedicate 100% of his time, attention and energy to just one thing - the best above all. From the episode about him, I learnt to choose good ideas and only focus on the best.

Dedicate time and energy, then move onto the next great thing. It's very easy to say but hard to do. 


Geniuses have 1 thing in common. They have a network of other geniuses. They have a tribe. To take over the world, you need to have your own tribe (and a billion dollars, but I dunno how to get that so let's talk about networks). Your tribe of like minded individuals will keep you in track.

If you are surrounded by eagles, you have no option but to fly high (okay, I know nothing about eagles but this sounded cool in my mind so I just wrote it).

Mansa Musa

Think of the richest guy in the world. Okay that doesn't take much thinking. WE ALL KNOW IT'S JEFF. Now think of all his wealth. 

Now imagine it's the olden days (i'm too lazy to find out which exact period it was - must have been around the 1400s) and you have an African King with over double that wealth. That guy was so rich that when he had his famous trip to Egypt, the donations he made (in Gold because ... why not?) literally ruined economies.

He gave away so much Gold that the overall value of Gold went down and it took Egypt about 10 YEARS to recover. Imagine being that rich. I didn't learn much in the episode around him but I really enjoyed just trying to visualize the insane wealth that the man had.

By now you probably think I was paid to promote the podcast. Unfortunately not. (sad face goes here). I'm just another poor unpaid blogger who really likes the How to take over the world podcast.

To end today's blogpost, here's a nice question. If you managed to take over the world, what would you do?

You can leave an answer... Or not. 


That’s all folks ! see you next week Wednesday!!!

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